Weebly to the Max

Let's be real

Though this sites home page is very "RA RA Go Weebly", and includes some affiliate links to Weebly, I want this site to be real discussion about the good and bad of working with Weebly. My car can't fly and pretending it can would dangerous. Weebly has limits and if we are going to push it to the max we are going to run up against those limits. How do we work with them to create great sites. Also, we can pass suggestions onto the Weebly developers on how to make it better.
The internet is filled with haters and creators and I choose to be a creator. I frankly discuss my impressions of pages created using  weebly on my Examples page. This thinking out loud is meant to be educational. The sites I am critiquing in many cases will be better than my own. The goal is to learn and grow.

About Me

My name is Brian Hartger.
I am passionate about photography, technology, creative expression, simplicity and freedom (job freedom).
I see Weebly as vehicle for self expression and making money. This is my third Weebly site. My first two sites were jrmidgetbarons.weebly.com, a site for my son's football team; and lacomedyrevival.weebly.com, a site for the comedy room my wife performs at and helps run.
I have studied HTML, CSS, Javascript, Dreamweaver and Photoshop on and off over the years. I created many sandbox sites, but always got stuck in the code. Since finding Weebly, my passion for expressing myself on the web has been reignited. I have created more on the web in the past week then I have in all the years of reading the Web Design phone books.

I welcome your comments, questions and suggestions.